the gospel

When God created us, it was with the intention of having an everlasting relationship with His children. Unfortunately, His children (Adam and Eve) disobeyed God and sin entered into the perfect plan of eternity. This is why God's greatest act of love was to send His only son Jesus to represent and obey what Adam and Eve couldn't. Adam was born without sin yet he chose to sin that caused all of humanity to become sinners. God sent Jesus who was born without sin (virgin birth) to represent a perfect sacrifice for our sin. For Jesus who knew no sin became sin for us so that we can be in right standing before GOD.

It’s not what you could do for God, but its what God has done for you.

If you desire to be right before God, to have your sins forgiven, please say yes to the greatest gift that God has given. Salvation is given through the cross of Jesus and the belief that He rose from the dead. It's not what you could do for God but its what God has done for you. God will never leave you or ever forsake you.

Ask and tell God...

"I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead"

"I believe you're God"

"I will follow you forever"

"Forgive me for my wrongs"

Now find a church, start reading your Bible, and get baptized!